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Дайджест мировых новостей: Сейсмология

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Italy Earthquake: At Least 3 Dead After Quake Hits Near Bologna  [2012-05-20]
A strong earthquake rocked a large swathe of northern Italy early on Sunday morning, causing at least three deaths and collapsing rural factories and ancient bell towers in towns.   подробнее...
5.9-magnitude earthquake strikes near Bologna, Italy  [2012-05-20]
A 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck near Bologna, Italy, on Sunday, according to the US Geological Survey.   подробнее...
Monitoring tides could predict major quakes  [2012-05-18]
THE rise and fall of the tides could help us to predict major earthquakes like the magnitude 9 quake that triggered Japan's tsunami last year.   подробнее...
6.2-magnitude earthquake strikes far off Chile's coast; no chance of tsunami  [2012-05-18]
SANTIAGO, Chile - A strong 6.2-magnitude earthquake has struck off Chile's southern coast, but the authorities say it wasn't felt on land and discounted the possibility of a tsunami.   подробнее...
Mystery earthquake near McCall, ID puzzles scientists  [2012-05-17]
MCCALL, Idaho -- You could call it a mystery earthquake, a sonic boom, or maybe nothing at all.   подробнее...
Greater insight into earthquake cycles  [2012-05-10]
For those who study earthquakes, one major challenge has been trying to understand all the physics of a fault -- both during an earthquake and at times of 'rest' -- in order to know more about how a particular region may behave in the future.  подробнее...
Veterans Hospitals Stay Safe with a Healthy Dose of Earthquake Monitoring  [2012-05-09]
Being in a hospital is tough enough without having to worry about how the building will hold up during an earthquake. Now veterans in Memphis, Tenn. can rest assured knowing that their medical center, even though it is located in the most active earthquake zone in the Eastern United States, has the most sophisticated seismic structural monitoring system in the country.  подробнее...
Enhanced Real-time Earthquake Information Now Online  [2012-04-17]
New U.S. Geological Survey webpages featuring more robust, real-time earthquake information are now available. nbsp;Whether the earthquake is minor or major, earthquake.usgs.gov visitors will see a unique, interactive earthquake map that regularly updates, can be individually tailored, and provides saved settings for future map visits.  подробнее...
M8 Earthquakes Off Sumatra  [2012-04-11]
Late in the afternoon of 11 April (local time), a magnitude 8.6 earthquake struck northern Sumatra, well offshore. A second event of magnitude 8.2 struck just two hours later. For the moment, it's being called an aftershock.  подробнее...
The Tohoku Earthquake, a Year Ago Today  [2012-03-11]
The largest earthquake in Japan's history started at 2:46 on a Friday afternoon, March 11, 2011, and finally stopped shaking several minutes later. Japan's early warning system did its job and so did the nation's well-constructed buildings, which limited the death toll to less than a thousand people.  подробнее...
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